Testimonial – Bekah Hilty

Bekah Hilty, a runner with Team Hope, has kindly allowed us to interview her about her experiences!

Why did you get involved with Team Hope?Bekah_Hilty_Wooster_2013
I got involved because I run a lot of races throughout the summer, spring and fall and when I learned about Team Hope I told myself that if I am already running, why not run for a great cause!

What was your experience like?
I have loved all of the races I have done with Team Hope. It’s a great group of people and you feel great racing when you are a part of this group. You aren’t just out there for yourself, your doing it for a great cause and rescuing kids!

How did it change your view of the orphan crisis?
I am amazed at just how many kids are affected by this every year. I am humbled by the love that is shown to these kids by the pastors and families that take them in who already don’t have that much but they do not turn these kids away. It reminds me that that God has blessed me so much and I want to give back.

How did it change you personally, physically, spiritually or otherwise?
I raced with an injury one time and another member of Team Hope told me any time I started to feel bad for myself I should think about these kids and the pain and anguish they go through each and every day. I literally came to tears several time throughout my race when I thought of the children and what they have been through. We are so blessed! I love being part of a group that is encouraging both physically and spiritually.

Why should others get involved?
Because we can change the life of so many children and stay healthy doing it!

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