It matters to this one

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by how big the problems are in the world. We hear about things like child sex trafficking and think “I can’t stop it, what could I possibly do that would matter?”  But, you see, the thing that matters is the life of even just one child rescued.  It matters to her. It matters to him.  In 2015, 10 new children were rescued thanks to the generous sponsors and participants of the Sock it to Child Trafficking 5K.  10 might not seem like that many when considering how many thousands of children are at risk and how many millions of orphans there are in the world.  But, for those 10 life is now safe.  For those 10, they no longer have to wonder who loves them, whether they will eat today and whether they will get to go to school. It matters to them.  Here are the stories of just a few of those 10.

7 year old Dolly
Dolly is described as a very ambitious little girl! Both of her parents died in the 2014 floods in NE India. She and her 5 siblings were rescued from the flood but sent to live with various relatives. Dolly was brought to the city where she was rescued by Asia’s Hope. She, too, is thriving in her new home, free from the dangers of the Sex Trade thanks to the funds from the Sock it to Trafficking 5K!

9 year old Arjun
In 2014, Arjun’s mother and father were lost in the terrible flood that ravaged northern India. During the worst days of the flooding, Arjun nearly starved to death, but was cared for by a Cathlolic nun. He was temporarily resettled with an uncle, but that uncle could not afford to care for him, so he brought him to the Asia’s Hope home. Now he is being supported by funds from the Sock it to Trafficking 5K and is thriving and happy!

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