Fresh Air for Exhausted

I guess right about now, you have enough training behind you to have had at least one bad run, at least one rough long walk, at least one day when you truly could not remember why the heck you signed up for this. I’m going out on a limb and guessing that you’re ready to be at May 7th, the day after the race, recovering and returning to life minus the rigid training you’ve been subjected to for the last 16 or so weeks. Well, this one’s for you, my friend . . .

There’s a breath of fresh air waiting for you in I Kings 19, so let’s start there today. I know, you don’t have a lot of extra time today, or energy, for that matter, but please read it anyway. C’mon, it won’t take long. Just click here, and a new window will open up for you, and you can read it and then close that window, and you’ll be right back here. I’ll wait for you.

Elijah was exhausted, too. Spent from running for his life because of the work he was doing for God. The work that God Himself had called him to. (Sound familiar?) Not only was he exhausted, he was depressed and begging God to let him die. He had had enough. So he found a cave to hole up in, handed it all back to God, and fell asleep in hopes of never again waking up.

When God sent an angel to wake him up and show him the fresh baked bread and the big old jug of water, I don’t know about you, but I see a sweet picture of God’s personal understanding and provision. I mean, make no mistake, God got it. He saw His man’s state of utter exhaustion and He provided exactly what he needed: food, water, and more sleep.

And after he ate, Elijah fell back asleep. When the angel woke him up the second time, God showed an even sweeter understanding.

Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you (v 7).

And that’s when Elijah found the strength to keep going. That’s when he found the energy and motivation to run from Jezebel. And with that strength, you know where Elijah ran to?

He ran to the Mountain of God. He ran to the mountain he knew to be the one upon which God had given the Ten Commandments to Moses. Elijah ran to the very place where he knew that God had passed by and touched Moses with His own hand. (See Exodus 33.)

When Elijah was spent, he ran to the Mountain of God.

And when he got to that mountain, God met him there. Not angry at his running. Not upset with him for wanting to give it all up. God, in all of His power, met destitute Elijah where he stood on that mountain. And Elijah by faith went on.

You can finish this training. By the very strength of God Himself. By the faith that God gave you to start in the first place. The key: run to the mountain of God. Pursue that relationship with Almighty God, even in the spent of your today. Especially in the spent of your today. Okay, maybe you’ll need to crawl since you’re recovering from that big, long run. That’s all right. Because God knows exactly where you are. He sees your exhaustion. And He wants to renew you. Just look to Him, the only real source of the only real strength.

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