8 Reasons Why 5Ks are Ridiculously Awesome

Color Run!
Train and still have a life – race hard and walk normally the next day – what’s not to love?

5Ks are all the rage with more and more races popping up every year. There’s a reason they’re so popular. Well actually there are a bunch of reasons. Here are our eight reasons to give 5Ks a try.
1. Race + Travel = Racecations!

With a plethora of races almost each and every weekend, it’s easy to find a race, whether it’s near or far, and make a fun weekend vacation out of it. Plus you won’t be totally toast after running it so you can really soak up the local attractions after you’re all done – winning!

2. Healthy Fitness

With more focus on speed than endurance, 5Ks allow you to build a lot of fitness quickly while still maintaining balance with the rest of your life. No complaints there!

3. An Apple a Day…

Keeps the doctor away. Do 5Ks and you can worry far less about those overuse injures all your long distance runner-friends seem to complain about from all those weekly miles.

4. Free Time

What’s that? You don’t have to spend 8+ hours a week training? What will you ever do with all that extra time in your week?

5. Your Wallet

It will thank you. Way less expensive, yet you still get a t-shirt, stale bagel and a green banana for your efforts. Awesome!

6. The People

No need to worry about feeling intimidated. Runners are a cool crowd, and 5Ks bring out all ability levels from walkers to competitive speed demons. It’s a really sweet community to be a part of.

7. Wall Breaker

You don’t really hit a wall so much in a 5K so much as a rough patch. What’s great about a 5K is that if you do get on the struggle bus it’s all over really quickly, and you get treats at the end – makes it a lot easier to break through any walls you may encounter.

8. Style

Last but not least, style. If running apparel isn’t your thing, you can still maintain your sense of pride at the 5K level. No need for fuel belts, water bottles, gels, blocks, powders or bars. Short shorts not your thing? No problem! You can run in just about whatever you want without a hint of chafing. 5-K for the win. Who’s with me?

Shawn Gerber is the founder and head coach at Rare Air Fitness, a company dedicated to helping people find and extract the very best from themselves. He is passionate about the human body, especially as it relates to sport and exercise. If Shawn isn’t busy exercising or coaching you will often find him in the kitchen experimenting with healthy (and delicious) recipes. Need help with you fitness or weight loss goals? Reach out to Shawn over at Rare Air Fitness.
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